Catch Your Transmission Issues Early

H88 Auto provides standard transmission repair services in Lubbock, TX

Driving with a damaged transmission is dangerous. Your the transmission can slip out of gear and leave you stranded. When you need standard transmission repair work, turn to H88 Auto in Lubbock, TX.

Dealing with serious transmission damage? Don't sweat it. We can rebuild your standard transmission. Call 806-559-9533 today to arrange for auto repair services.

Make your transmission a priority

Make your transmission a priority

When your transmission starts to slip, you need to act fast. Not sure if you need a new transmission? You might need standard transmission repair work if your engine:

  • Makes humming or buzzing sounds
  • Slips when you accelerate
  • Leaks fluid

A damaged transmission can cause your vehicle to behave erratically. If your vehicle shows signs of transmission damage, bring it to H88 Auto right away. Our mechanics can repair or rebuild your standard transmission efficiently. Contact us today to schedule transmission maintenance.